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Dansk restaurant midt i byen . Dansk mad & hygge

Danish restaurant in the centre of town . Danish food & comfort

Nytorv 15 . 1450 København K . 3311 7706 . kontakt@nytorv.dk



Restaurant & Cafe Nytorv is 150 years old and thereby one of the oldest inns in Copenhagen. It was established about 30-40 years after the big fire that laid most of Copenhagen in ruins in 1795. In the old days Restaurant & Café Nytorv was a resort for drunkards and prostitutes. Today Restaurant & Café Nytorv is a place where the clientele is that of artists, lawyers, businessmen and such good people that meet to drink a beer and have a good meal.


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Restaurant & Cafe Nytorv . Nytorv 15 . 1450 København K . 3311 7706

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