Velkommen hos Restaurant & Cafe Nytorv

Dansk restaurant midt i byen . Dansk mad & hygge

Danish restaurant in the centre of town . Danish food & comfort

Nytorv 15 . 1450 København K . T 3311 7706 .

Dear guests


We are in the process of getting ready for reopening and it is really nice but due to the requirement of booking 30 minutes before arrival we do not intend to open until May 6.


It is tiring but our guests are very impulsive and we have not served anyone since December 8th that you then have to check the corona pass and require a reservation before you can welcome guests it is simply too much.


We're just waiting a little longer, exactly until May 6th.

Restaurant & Cafe Nytorv . Nytorv 15 . 1450 København K . T 3311 7706

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